Heart of Darkness (Tales of Dracula) Single

by Others

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Song written for the film, "Tales of Dracula"


Dracula returns in an all new story; "Tales of Dracula"!

"To regain his strength, Dracula, the king of vampires, has returned to his native soil and his castle in the Carpathian Mountains. While there, he seeks a new bride to do his bidding and chooses a farmer's daughter pure of heart. However, Dr. Victoria Frankenstein has other plans for the infected blood of Dracula's new bride. Victoria plans to rejuvenate the Monster created by her grandfather, Henry Frankenstein, by mixing the vampire's blood with the blood coursing through the Monster's veins. Once Dracula learns of this treachery, he sets out to take his revenge!"

This is a must have film for any classic monster fan, old and new alike.

Journey back with us to the good old silver-screen days, with "Tales of Dracula".

Produced by Joe DeMuro
Written by Joe DeMuro and Thomas Rice
Screenplay adaptation by Dwight Kemper
Cinematography by Mike Rudolph
Makeup by Ron Chamberlain
Music composed by Thomas Rice

Dracula - Wayne W. Johnson
Von Helsing - Mickey Ray
Dr. Victoria Frankenstein - Courtney Bennett
Frankenstein's Monster - Joe DeMuro
Creighton Reed - Tom Delillo
Daniel - Dave Merrell
Ilona - Greta Volkova
Ingrid - Laura Brink
Anton - Dwight Kemper
Elsa - Cassandra Hayes

Check out the trailer: youtu.be/13HWkC9d2N0


Images copyright Wolfbain Productions. Used with permission.

Available on CD: www.createspace.com/2273325


released February 22, 2015

String arrangements written by Jeff DaBella
Guitar and composition arrangements by Mark Dickinson and Jeff DaBella
Lyrics by Mark Dickinson
Recorded and Produced by Jeff DaBella on the cold and unforgiving 14th day of February 2015 at Mansion Audio, Johnson City NY
Vocals by Mistress Jessica
2015 See You Tomorrow Music ASCAP / Horror Of It All Music ASCAP



all rights reserved


Others New York

Rising from the necropolis of Binghamton NY (home of Rod Serling) in 2002 and fueled by the words and music of Mark Dickinson. Others bring their own eclectic blend of Gothic, Horror, Punk & Metal to the fold, creating vivid nightmare scenes. Never one to settle on making the same album twice, Others constantly change their sound, creating a different concept/story/atmosphere for each album. ... more

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Track Name: Heart of Darkness (Tales of Dracula)
Heart of Darkness (Tales of Dracula)

I am the sovereign of shadows
with vengeance in my heart I will roam
my beloved was stolen from me
I am forsaken and alone
Yes, I am forsaken and alone...

I made a pact with the dark lord
denouncing your worthless god's name
the earth was bestowed upon me
with a bloody wrath I shall reign

My cold, dead heart of darkness
Will not shed a tear for you
A vermilion moon stains the horizon
Cursed to the night, each dawn I die a new...

My constant hunger consumes me
A sanguine taste all I know
See what your god has done to me
He rules in heaven... I rule below!

I Taste the warmth of your nectar
down my face it runs red
your essence slowly draining
as I steal your final breath


Listen to them, the children of the night...

The wolves howl in the distance
oh what sweet music they make
the world shall tremble before me
and all their blood... I will take!


I am the sovereign of shadows
with vengeance in my heart I will roam
my beloved was stolen from me
I am forsaken and alone
Yes, I am forsaken and alone...