Hello Darkness

by Others

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12 Tracks of murder, depravity and despair from Binghamton NY's goth horror metal outfit "Others". Features the songs, 'Art of Killing', 'Hello Darkness', 'Burn', 'She Keeps Coming Back' and more!

Available on CD: www.createspace.com/1741793


released January 13, 2011

Music and Lyrics written by Mark Dickinson except where noted
2011 Horror Of It All Music



all rights reserved


Others New York

Rising from the necropolis of Binghamton NY (home of Rod Serling) in 2002 and fueled by the words and music of Mark Dickinson. Others bring their own eclectic blend of Gothic, Horror, Punk & Metal to the fold, creating vivid nightmare scenes. Never one to settle on making the same album twice, Others constantly change their sound, creating a different concept/story/atmosphere for each album. ... more

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Track Name: Art of Killing
Art of Killing

Your body the canvas
Your blood is the ink
Blending vermilion hues
With black and blue
A steal blade is my brush
I take my time, there is no rush
Slice with precision, perfect and divine
Attention to detail
Your pain is mine

Painting the darkness
In my mind!

A lesson in the art of killing
Your skin is mine, your blood is spilling
Chunks of flesh drop to the ground
When I am through, you won’t make a sound

But without your screams, there is no thrill
No audience to send a chill

My art of killing

swirls of blackness
Splashes of red fresh and new
Streams of colour flowing
Mixing crimson pieces of you
This art will traumatize
Sensationalize my way of being
A violent creation
Artistry through brutality

My art of killing

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: Haunting Me
Haunting Me

As I fall into your fading
I hear not a sound
I feel your shallow breathing
and sense your presence still around

Cold are the tears that flow from the past
and these wounds they will not heal
it seems pain is all that I feel

the guilt that I must feel
In the rapture of death
that your ghost will force me to reveal

Your stare is so cold
and your flesh is so old
as you decay there on the floor
I wish you could scream
and then you would see
what your dying has done to me

Why must you taunt me this way?
when you've got nothing to say
Why must you haunt me this way?
you've only died just today

Your soul is slowly fading
your lips oh so blue
like the ice on a frozen pond
your body's just a blurring image of you

Your stare is so cold
and your flesh is so old
as you decay there on the floor
I wish you could scream
and then you would see
what your dying has done to me
Your touch is so cold
and your spirit so bold
as your specter circles around me
I can't let you go
and I wish you could Know
what your haunting is doing to me...

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: Frailty
The Frailty

The power of god flows through my hands
ridding of evil that roams across the land
the power of right with strength and with might
to clean up the world under shadow of night

truth told through visions
I know who to choose
by the grace of god I know I can't lose
your judgements at hand
and must now face the light
St. Peter is waiting don't put up a fight

killing for the lord, fighting Satan's hoard
seemingly innocent secrets they keep
you shall now face god's wrath and be thrown on the heap

Glory be... to those who can see
judgement day is coming and here's my decree
I know all the lies that you try to disguise
redemption is near so sinners beware

Frailty calling
I know what to do
I'm doing it for you
to rid man of sin, that's hidden within
it's time to kill again... AGAIN!

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: Keep On Screaming
Keep On Screaming

Can you feel me as I stand next to your bed
so much hate I wanna see you dead
you won't have an opportunity
to see tomorrow after a night alone with me

Nice head... I'd like to see it on a pole
I've seen you rise and I'm gonna make you fall
don't you know I control your destiny
I'll string you up and I'm gonna make you bleed
Keep on screamin'

So now it's over, the night is at an end
you will never see the day of light again
it's a shame the way you had to die
but I get off when I hear a grown man cry
Keep on screamin'

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: She Keeps Coming Back
She keeps coming back

I threw her in the river
So cold it made her shiver
I shot her with a quiver
Into her back and through the liver
I punched her in her face
And sprayed her with some mace

But she keeps coming back to me…
Coming back for me…

Took a hacksaw to her fingers
A screwdriver to her eyes
Electrodes on her nipples
Turned the voltage way up high
I shoved her head into the toilet bowl
Then threw her 6ft into a hole

But she keeps coming back to me…
Coming back for me…

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: Burn

As I watch the world
In it’s demise
The fire’s slowly burn
blacken the skies

The weak lay dying
and the helpless still cry
Death is all I can see
With it’s horrid stench around me

And yet I wonder
What it’d be like
if you were still here with me
But they’ll rue the day
That they took you away

The Prophecy was written
And so it did come true
Still holding on to yesterday
Still holding on to you

So I Will
Watch the World Burn

And I Will
Watch the World Burn

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness, we meet again
sorrid affairs have lead me to here
playing with fire and getting burned
turning down evil and twisted roads

I've have done some things
that I should not have done
but my blackened heart
was just having fun

with no hope of redemption
I kneel in this pew
a halfhearted confession
I offer to you

feeling no guilt but a little shame
stealing a life is but a game
for absolute power corrupts absolutly
but the power of death there's no substitute

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: Epitaph

I've struggled through life on a wing and a prayer
that's brought nothing but disappointment and despair
I've failed at everything trying to succeed
bad blood ruins these veins, lucky number 13

I'm a destroyer of life, bringer of strife
trail of sadness, scars from a knife
a curse that's been set free
to bring the ones that I love... Misery

I'm a tragic mistake, should have never been born
a whirlwind of gloom, heartache and scorn
a cancer on the face of the earth
from the sky fell tears on the day of my birth


I'm a loser in life, a loser at death
the thing that should not be
everything suffers around me
except for the pain that lives in me

This is the epitaph I leave to the world
May death release this tortured soul...

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: The Last Man
The Last Man

He sits in the darkness, behind the closed doors
It’s been winter outside since the day of the war
And the fire is dying and the air’s getting cold
As he tries to remember if he’s getting old

And the last man cries But no one hears
And the last man can’t tell days from years
And the last man cries but no one is there
As the last man dies and no one cares

Survival’s his life now, his memory fades
As he tries to remember, and his mind starts to stray
The pain he’s been feeling for the last month or so
Is slowly his body, as it steadily grows


His funeral is empty, no family or grave
He’s the war’s final victim, the last of his race
His coffin’s a world that he used to live in
As his flesh quickly rots on the nuclear wind


Written by A-bomb Fortner - Used with Permission
Track Name: To Fall Short in Satisfying the Expectation or the Hope of...
"To Fall short in Satisfying the Expectation or Hope of..."

Let down like a sinner in a cold Autumn rain...

Promises never kept
like the widow that never wept
(at the grave of her betrothed )
fall like the tears
of the disapproved
only to be fed
by the mandibles of pain
to the shattered heart

(deceiving the believer, destroying the fragile trust)

into a pool of black
thy soul is thrust
left bewildered and confused
no words can anoint
but one thing is certain
much like death...

Love always disappoints...

2011 Mark Dickinson
Track Name: The Last Goodbye
The Last Goodbye

You punch holes into my heart
Then you say that we will never part
This hellish torment, this rage I feel for you
Don’t you know I lost my feelings?
I Lost my feelings for you

This bitter pill of a love that’s died
Rolls around inside like a seedling to rise
That cold blank stare of emptiness
Can I ask a question, where’s the happiness?
Where’s is the happiness?

This is the last goodbye
That I’ll be giving to you

Can you feel the struggle? Can you feel pain?
This mental torment of a losing game
A vicious circle, dog chases tail
Without no light, only darkness prevails
The darkness prevails

And when it all comes down
And crumbles to our feet
Like a friend who’s died
This is the last goodbye

This is the last goodbye
That I'll be giving to you

This is the last goodbye

2011 Mark Dickinson