Our Hearts Turn Black

by Others

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Herein this wretched collection of heretic laden transcripts, lies the blasphemous scripture that beholds our glorious tribute to Black Metal!

Our ode if you will, was born out of what has inspired us, enthralled us and enticed us. What has kept the blood boiling and fed a hunger that only this music can fulfill. The screaming guitars, the thunderous drums, the haunting keyboards, the screeching, growling vocals.

Bands such as 1349, Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Emperor, Immortal, Belphegor, Burzum, Carpathian Forest, Merciful Fate, Venom, Deicide, Dimmu Borgir, Enthroned, Celtic Frost, Ov HELL, Mayhem, Satyricon and Gorgoroth, Wolves in The Throne Room, Abigail Williams...
just to name a few...

Our Darkest gratitude goes to Troy Usher for the enchantingly venomous lyrics as to feed the creature of my musical cornucopia of
hatred, pain and spite.

We thank you from the bottom of
our cold black hearts!

Infernal Hails!


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released April 6, 2014

Music written and arranged by Mark Dickinson
Lyrics by Troy Usher except where noted

Marquis - Screeching of Wraiths / 88 keys of Bone
J.R. Rotting - The Lower and Utmost
Mr. Webb - Thundering beats of war
Frank ROTregez - Howls of the Demon

Les Hernandez on 'Incantation'

Mistress Jessica

Cover Photo by Kendra Baker
Group Photo by Julye Bush
CD Label Photo by Doug Bush
CD Layout & Bat Logo by Mark Dickinson

Recorded at Mansion Audio June 2013
Produced by Jeff (I Am the Devil) DaBella
Engineered by Tony (Taco Diablo) Hopkins
Mastered by HGR RECORDS:

Dedicated to John 'Bear' Janos



all rights reserved


Others New York

Rising from the necropolis of Binghamton NY (home of Rod Serling) in 2002 and fueled by the words and music of Mark Dickinson. Others bring their own eclectic blend of Gothic, Horror, Punk & Metal to the fold, creating vivid nightmare scenes. Never one to settle on making the same album twice, Others constantly change their sound, creating a different concept/story/atmosphere for each album. ... more

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Track Name: Incantation / A Coming Storm / Immaculate Deception

I am of thy Devil, and so thy Devil I shall be
May the darkness inside always be my guide
Into the solace of a black divinity
Hear my prayer great Iblis, harvester of souls
To the antichrist I sacrifice
My faith in the days of old
Rebirthed from the womb of Lilith,
immaculate or whore
This blood I give in reverse of live
As a vessel I am yours
Let thine eyes lead me to the mists of Megiddo
Where, within but a breath I embrace life in death
And become eternity, solemnly, true only to self

A Coming Storm (Instrumental)

Immaculate Deception

A shallow grave lined and paved
By bodies of wingless saviors

Who were led like slaves to be betrayed
By the one who hears their prayers

He rose to see the chaos
That spread like an infection

He hung upside down on the cross
Reborn from an immaculate deception

Eve was the mother
Bred from the whore
Made for each other
The devil’s in the core
Of the rotted apple
Picked from the tree
Along comes Adam
To spread the disease

Lies are the words, pages to be burned
You can’t believe in what you’ve learned
From the white collar blasphemysts
It goes a little something like this…

He was born to fuck us all
Aren’t we molded in his reflection
There’s fine print in the fallen psalms
Etched in the palm of an immaculate deception

Mary had a wicked sin
Hidden in the womb of a harlot
And three wise men could not defend
The wounds opened by the demon’s involvement

Of placing faith in the rape of a wraith
With followers in every shadow
No one is safe, the lamb’s blood means hate
You must relate to the coming of the hollow

Counting thorns upon his head, 1,2,3,4,5... 666
The truth will never be spoon-fed to those who can’t exist
In a world of only good where rapture is obsolete
It’s within lust we will find us buried underneath

He died for his own pride
Greed to mislead was his confession
They cried while he disguised
The ideal of this immaculate deception

©Troy Usher/2010
Track Name: Lies of The Father
Lies of the Father

Mark 13:19
“For in those days there will be tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the creation which God created until this
time, nor ever shall be.”

First there was dark shunning the light
A battle of wills towards an endless night
It casts a shadow on a garden of splendor
With sin growing from every tree

Isaiah 65:17
[ The Glorious New Creation ] “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or
come to mind.”

Which was were the fallen dwell in damnation
The faith and the hope begin the separation
Choosing a side to which you follow
And there’s no God to find
So are the words spoken in vain
To his children of disdain
Smirking behind the tears they cry
Your prayers are all but LIES!

Matthew 10:32
[ Confess Christ Before Men ] “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in

The son bore to lead the sheep
A false idol for their hearts to keep
No salvation lies on the horizon
It resides by subtracting 1 from 7

John 19:41
“Now in the place where He was crucified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid.”

Nailed through the hands bleeding for thee
Stains the ground with fake divinity
Death of a prophet glorified by all
Thorns will fall on an empty grave
Nothing has risen
To absolve you of your sin
It was written as it began
The words of God are nothing but LIES!

Revelation 12:9
“So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the
earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Along with the truth burning in hand
Hell is the name for the holy land
Bitten from the forbidden fruit
Which hung from a wilted limb
A new messiah reborn in hate
With no means to manipulate
Deception is belief for a world in demise
Eternal in darkness no longer he LIES

©Troy Usher/2010
Track Name: Blood Lust and Lunacy
Blood, Lust, & Lunacy

Reach back
Grab the razor at the right and begin to hack

Suffer upon the tainted love or endure his wrath

In death
I’m reborn in a desolation of a new disguise

Last breath
Inhaling the tranquility of this suicide

And I wander through the darkness
Alone without the means
Of where my sanity will take me
When my nightmares become my dreams

To wallow in the sadness
Of nothing and everything
I’m happy to have had this
Moment of fuckin pain

To the blood, lust, and lunacy
That’s taken over me
Creatures calling out my name
Scribbled in this shame

The blood, lust, and lunacy
Which draws me to the depths
Of scarring hearts now torn apart
I wonder what is next

Right step
Into the gamble of this roulette

The barrel is the grave in which you’ve slept

Wide awake
With a glimmer of hope diminishing fast

All the answers you forgot to ask

And I falter in this existence
Of a faith that promises and misleads
The ones who want understanding
Of why they have to bleed

To cleanse them of their sickness
And the voices in my head
I want you to bare witness
Of all the words I’ve said

To the blood, lust, and lunacy
That’s feeding my disease
Killing for the sake of fun
Is now what I have become

Blood, lust, and lunacy
Running through my veins
I never thought that normal
Could ever feel this strange

So many times
I’ve wanted to die
Crying inside
And I didn’t know why
I have all this pain
That I just can’t explain
You call me deranged
I think I have changed

When the blood, lust, and lunacy
Buried me beneath
A cloud of detest and uselessness
The father had bequeathed

To those with the blood, lust, and lunacy
Leading them on their way
To a bitter end, I say amen
Goodbye to yesterday

©Troy Usher/2010
Track Name: Our Hearts Turn Black
Our Hearts Turn Black

Let us pray
To the crone on the cross all covered in blood

Alone in the fray
Amongst the screams of a malevolent ballad

The dead are engaged
An ordain proposal full of lies

The white now is gray
From the wickedness which fills the skies

March the sinners in the darkened aisles
Broken halos gilded in the face of denial
A solemn promise to be sealed with a kiss
It’s useless to resist

Bless me father - for I am Sin
The words - echo from within
Stained glass shadows - dance in the midst
Of the confining noose - we’ve begun to twist

Your church in demise
A foundation so fragile it begins to crack
Hatred arise
The decay we covet makes our hearts turn black

So we kneel
At the feet of chaos in this hell we have made

Devotion concealed
In a coffin where happiness was betrayed

By the appeal
Of the fallen that you have forbade

Damn the dreamers with their sparkling eyes
There’s only nightmares in a blood red sky
Which rains of fire and violent ends
A vow that can’t be broken always bends

To the will of fear and disgust
This polished façade begins to rust
Like a cancer upon humanity
It’s because you, this blasphemy

Abash we stand upon the broken alter
Swearing aloud we will not falter
The truth has crept within our head
Now that lamb has of god has been bled

On his rented masquerade
A rehearsed ending to this charade
One for the penance and one for the peck
Hanging by your fucking neck

The faithful fall from heavens
Withering from the betrayal within
The deceit that feeds our hate
Is now what makes our hearts turn black

With a fire raging inside
Towards the parasite that’s eating our minds
Contempt for the father who lies
Is what has made our hearts turn black

©Troy Usher/2010
Track Name: Burning at the Alter
Burning at the Alter

The Father , the son, and the holy ghost
Living our lives as a whipping post
Giving to God for nothing in return
This is the salvation we have come to learn

As a sacrilege rooted in the tree of woe
Forbidden is the fruit where nothing will grow
Eaten by the sickness of your disease
The rotten are ripe to ravage Eve

Chant the disciples, chant for disdain
Sing hallelujah for the fall of Heaven’s reign
Pray for the slavery of all you’ve been taught
A white collar auction where belief is sold and bought

Power to the evil the turning of the screw
Adorned with a crown of lies to crucify you
Seven killing wounds one in the hand
The left hand path will lead to the promised land

I welcome you to hell
Everyone’s soul is for sale
It’s written in the words
That the heathens sing backwards

Ashes of my soul lie scattered through the pages
Written in his blood the creation of dark ages
An alter of faith transformed into a funeral pyre
Wretched in this righteousness we watch the flames burn higher

The Alpha and the Omega, the one to end it all
The subliminal message in the savior’s psalm
Pointing out the paths of the pentagram
Blood of the ritual we slaughter the lamb

Killing in the order of the hierarchy
The pain of the slain pillage the piety
Resting our souls on the church’s defeat
Praise to the darkness, Praise to the scourge

Choking on the sermons that we binge and purge
Speaking in tongues with eyes rolled back
Replacing the light with endless black
Graves made of thistle, hemlock and sage

Dancing with Faust on a godly stage
We portray the shadows who haunt with sin
Feeding the flames of the fire within

I welcome you to Hell
Enchanted by it’s spell
Sacrificed on the sanctity
Of those who Burn for thee

I welcome you to hell
Which frees you from your cell
Made of divine lies
Now’s the time for Lucifer to rise

Embers of my heart tightened in the fist
Evil whispers with it’s hate in a kindled kiss
The venom of the vile coming to reclaim
A world forbidden by the living death is set aflame

©Troy Usher/2010
Track Name: 666
Maleficent Prophecy (Instrumental)


Chapter 1: 6 Broken Halos

She lies with a tongue on demon’s breath
Sending my soul to a beautiful death
Name on a grave heart of stone
The earth and the flies feed on my bones

Bloodless the veins tears unshed
Pain was the thing that I have bled
Under the ashes of burning trees
She comes to me the angel of disease

No faith is on your side
To many sins to overcome
A father who has lied
To the wicked you will succumb

Golden rings on every finger
Now as black as a murder of crows

So sings the psalm of the fallen preacher
With the 6 broken halos

Dark is the skies which lead to heaven
The number of the vile is one less than seven
Rotting in the pages of a righteous greed
Is the example man claims to be

Giving you wings and taking them back
Unforgiving when it’s belief you lack
So it’s written in hypocrisy
Ten commandments of blasphemy

Only hate is on your side
When it comes to being free
Heaven and hell will soon collide
In a war of misery

As we live inside of evil
The forked path is what we've chose
The sewing of a needle
Can’t mend 6 broken halos

Chapter 2: 6 Names

Brother to brother death now stands
Killing in the name of who created man
Blood will I shed given to God
Hidden behind a sacred facade

I am the one the beast dwells within
Christianity bred from sin

Slaying the savior to be the king
Sacrificed myself as the choir sings

I command to hear your name
Some evil you cannot fix
I’m the daughter of disdain
And my names are made of six

An apostle of betrayal
The greed has taken over me
My soul was up for sale
When my belief forsaken thee

Possession is my pride
The weak are easily unaware
Faith has all but died
For I am many who witness despair

I command to hear your name
Look to your crucifix

For he is who to blame
When I scream the names of six

A tainted crown upon my head
My throne at the left hand of the wretched
They come to me when they’re dead
I relish in the confession

The one who rules it all
In darkness is my light
The angel of the fall
Became the demon of divinity’s spite

I command to hear your name
May you drown in the river of Styx
In hell I shall exclaim
1,2,3,4,5... 666!

Chapter 3: 6 Curses

Written in blood
By the hand of lies
Some say it’s sacred
And to some our demise

A story of old
In ashes and dust
What you’ve been told
You cannot trust

I am the words printed upside down
The one you have heard with the tainted crown
Damning the Earth with 6 solemn curses
Subliminal sin to worship in verses

Water to wine
The bread of his body
Salvation sublime
When the flesh is rotting
Wound to the side
Whip to the back
The mark of the beast
Scriptures in black

I’m the hymn with an empty melody
On an alter where virgins bleed
In a church built on a curse of six
With prayers of reverse rhetoric

Creation unfolds
Apocalypse at hand
So ends the story
The fall of man
Where’s the forgiveness
No guidance to believe
Alone in the sickness
You bow to me

Chapter 4: -777

Septem dies of Abyssus in terra
Septem dies of poena
Septem porta vadum patefacio
Ut nos crux crucis astral - rectus
Septem septem septem
mos cado a sator
Septem septem septem
Ascension denied
Septem septem septem
Virgo phasmatis deflowered
Regnum of deus, est a lie…
Polus vadum exuro
In of pennae of Angelus

Chapter 5: When Angels Fall

Reach up, reach out the black
it burns my eyes
I scream, I shout atop this throne of lies
You seem to be a vision of perfection
A killing spree will soon
change your perception

Never to doubt the hatred that I conjure
You're left without a soul for you to offer
To the heavens that will
turn its back on you
The spirit deadens when it is
severed through

Like burning comets I see them fall
Scorching the earth like a plague to all
I look to the sky and make a wish
Angels on fire my euphoric bliss

Hold out your wings
I'll nail them to the altar
While demons sing
you're exalted to a martyr
They bleed for you
and you frolic in their wake
It's easy to do be the one that they forsake

I hear a whisper a chanting call
A rise to power while angels fall
The harnessed darkness unleashed is me
An apocalypse is your destiny

Patron ashes dust the land
Crushed and scattered by my hand
All golden halos have turned to black
In remembrance of the time
that we fought back

The final battle written in hymn
The constant death rattle
announces our win
Wickedness can now stand tall
Amongst the ruins where angels fall

©Troy Usher/2010